English Lesson: “What’s the word for ~?”

Most English learners stick to a very passive role when they’re starting out. They speak only when spoken too. But if you really want to make strides in your English speaking, you need to learn how to take initiative. One common scenario is giving up on a conversation when you don’t know the specific word. This faulty thinkingContinue reading “English Lesson: “What’s the word for ~?””

English Lesson: Stop Saying “My Dear”

People love selfies. People love selfies with their friends. After you work out the lighting and poses you want to use, what comes next? The caption! These days you can’t really lose with whatever hashtag you decide, but I want to bring up a phrase I see all too often: “my dear”. Stop saying “myContinue reading “English Lesson: Stop Saying “My Dear””

English Lesson: “Pardon”

Sometimes a native speaker might be talking too fast. In order to get that person to stop, repeat, and clarify, you’ve learned how to say “pardon”. The problem is that when you say “pardon” you’re making your English sound terrible. It’s going to be much easier to learn other replacement phrases instead. You’re probably aware ofContinue reading “English Lesson: “Pardon””