Who’s Jon Dao?

I’ve taught English for years, and my specialty was always with speaking. I’ve seen students focus too much on the wrong areas. They think that if they learn “perfect” grammar and vocabulary, they’ll be able to communicate just fine.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case at all! Even native speakers struggle with getting their point across to people who know the language just fine. Think about the nervousness that comes with public speaking. Think about how often there’s miscommunication in daily conversation.

By staying in the classroom and using a traditional model of education, I realized I was part of the problem. The academic bubble would rather have people focus on tests and scores than build real life applicable skills. It’s the wrong kind of perspective. It shapes you to work within a script and system.

My goal is to stick with real practical communication.

Now, I work independently to help others as a coach instead of a teacher. Just like a sports coach, I provide strategies and options to handle situations. There’s more than one way to win after all. If you’re struggling to get your thoughts across, let me help you become a better speaker!

E-mail: letstalk @ commdao.com
Phone: (617) 870-3615



One thought on “Who’s Jon Dao?

  1. I am the student, who came from Taiwan, I like the way Jon thought, I appreciate Jon help me a lot to prove my English, and he got patient when I asked any question. Also he got punch of vocabulary , I think someone who want to prove your english should study with him! No matter how good or bad about your english, just try to talk with him, and you will see! 😀

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