Coaching: Public Speaking, English Speaking, & Personal Communication

My premise is simple: I believe most people don’t know how to talk. Miscommunication is a problem we experience on a daily basis. Sometimes a person can take our words the wrong way, but sometimes we just struggle finding the right words to say.

I want to change that. I want you to speak easy.

Solid communication skills help in both the professional and personal life. In order to help, I’ll focus on helping you express yourself by speech coaching three main aspects: Public Speaking, English Fluency, or Personal Communication.


Formal speech is crucial for professional development. Whether it’s nailing that job interview (and the follow-up) or leading a meeting once you’ve worked your way up the ladder, you have to know how to organize your thoughts and convey them.

I’ll coach you how to incorporate the proper speaking manners without sounding flat or phony. If you have a fear of public speaking, we can tackle that too.


Learning English can be tough to master. A diligent student doesn’t always become a capable speaker. Even students that excel at small talk can suffer from poor pronunciation.

In a classroom, you’ll rarely have the opportunity to improve speaking fluency. In my one-to-one sessions, we’ll dedicate time and focus to sharpening the sound of your speaking. I’ll coach you to sound like a native speaker.


Conversation skills are underrated, which makes sense when you think how often we argue or misinterpret the words of our loved ones. We don’t put enough stake in how we talk with each other, so we end up not connecting at all.

I’ll coach you through the different perspectives of gender communication and intrapersonal (the way you talk to yourself). And in this way, you’ll be able to say what you mean and eliminate any notions of the inner critic.

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