English Lesson: Way

When you’re first learning a language, you learn several stock phrases. I’m talking about the rudimentary basics like: How are you? My name is~ The weather is~ For all intents and purposes, these are “correct” uses of English. The big problem is that when you only use these kinds of basics, you’ll continue to soundContinue reading “English Lesson: Way”

English Lesson: 5 Phrasal Verbs Using “Call”

If you want to sound more natural with your English speaking, it’s a good idea to incorporate the use of phrasal verbs— just be sure you don’t carried away and try to use them in every, single sentence. Phrasal verb overload sounds very un-natural! For those who don’t know, a phrasal verb is when you take a verb and addContinue reading “English Lesson: 5 Phrasal Verbs Using “Call””

2015 ATV Miss Asia Pageant Boston

This past Sunday, I had the privilege of watching my client Coco Miao take center stage at the 2015 ATV Miss Asia Pageant Boston. I was really hoping to do more with the video blogging, but alas, limited lighting and equipment forced my hand to tweet instead (you can check the “live” tweets below). While mostContinue reading “2015 ATV Miss Asia Pageant Boston”

Knight Thyself

I’ve mentioned how awkward it’s been readjusting to life in the states. With many of the JET Program peoples coming home soon, they’ll get a taste of some reverse culture shock too. Hopefully they don’t succumb to an identity crisis like I did.