English Lesson: Livestream (06/14/16)

New Vocabulary: calling stressful restless rebound Grammar Mistake: Don’t confuse nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Communication Tip: Don’t try to change people’s minds with a “hard sell”. Let them come to the conclusion on their own.

English Lesson: Paying a Compliment

Reading, watching videos, listening to music, and even taking classes– these are all the mediums you’re probably used to when it comes to language acquisition. They all have their perks to a certain extent, but there is one glaring flaw: passive learning. So if you’re serious about being a better English speaker, you need to findContinue reading “English Lesson: Paying a Compliment”

Explain to Me: Season’s Greetings

The most important thing to remember with any greeting: don’t be robotic. Unless you’re an actor, scripted dialogue is such a waste– and it’s a good reason why so many people hate small talk. Unfortunately, lots of English learners rely on these kinds of phrases because they prioritize perfection instead of connection. Here’s my reminder to you:Continue reading “Explain to Me: Season’s Greetings”