English Lesson: To Wrap My Head Around

You should probably minimize your usage of “I don’t understand”. NOT because there’s anything wrong with your English, but just because it’s SO BASIC.

Add some spice to the phrases you use. Try adding “I can’t wrap my head around it” into the mix. Just be sure not to overuse that.

English Lesson: “Point of View”

s8x0: Could you please explain how to use “point of you” in a sentence? I always hear it in debates. So here’s the thing: “point of you” isn’t a common expression. There’s times you might see it in a sentence like this: I don’t see what’s the point of you going. But in this case,Continue reading “English Lesson: “Point of View””

English Lesson: Livestream (06/14/16)

New Vocabulary: calling stressful restless rebound Grammar Mistake: Don’t confuse nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Communication Tip: Don’t try to change people’s minds with a “hard sell”. Let them come to the conclusion on their own.