English Lesson: “Too Much” vs “So Much”

Time for another round of “This is why you don’t sound like a native speaker.” This tip comes courtesy of my friend Jameson. “If you’re of able mind and body, life is good.” – Jameson Liang #truth #appreciate — Jon Dao (@CommDao) July 23, 2016 Do you know the difference between “too much” and “soContinue reading “English Lesson: “Too Much” vs “So Much””

English Lesson: “I feel like ~ing”

During one of my Boston Lessons, my client was talking about Halloween. He wasn’t too big of a fan and had this to say about buying a costume: “I feel like wasting money.” But unfortunately, that doesn’t work in this context. If we take the sentence as it is: “I feel like wasting money” actually meansContinue reading “English Lesson: “I feel like ~ing””