Online Lessons

Conversation coaching is not limited to the Boston area. You can receive online sessions for Public Speaking, English Fluency, and Personal Communication Lessons. 

Public Speaking

  • brainstorming/drafting ideas for a presentation or speech
  • re-working the delivery of a presentation or speech (i.e. injecting humor, elevating seriousness, etc.)
  • managing speech anxiety

English Fluency

  • identifying the differences between academic and conversational speech (see the example below)
  • practicing pronunciation through speaking drills
  • expanding speech through idioms, slang, and other natural expressions

Personal Communication

  • working towards becoming a more active speaker, being able to initiate conversation
  • expanding on speaking points to avoid awkward silence
  • picking up speaking cues to become a better listener


All calls are conducted through Google Hangout. Video calls can be recorded* for the benefits of:

  • Establishing a baseline of your voice
  • Recognizing how you sound
  • Tracking your speaking progress

E-mail Jon to set up your appointment: letstalk (at)

*Recording is completely optional.

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